Why Process Pays Off

Why Process Pays Off

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One of the most common frustrations people face in working with a builder is communication over the process of building their home. Too often, the process isn’t communicated well – if it all, and therefore it’s misunderstood.

In our experience; if the process is already in place and the communication is good – the end result is a dream home built on time and on budget.

We have built a reputation of communicating the process with our clients and the feedback speaks for itself. We have intentionally partnered with a software project management tool, that allows real time updates and project based communication, which allows us to share timelines, deadlines, photos and messages with each build.

Our system allows us to provide:

  • Daily Logs
  • To Do Lists
  • Online Scheduling
  • Uploaded Documents and photos for client review
  • Video walk throughs
  • The ability to mark up plans
  • In “in-app” messaging system

Each customer has their own login and can track every step from plans to final inspection with a convent way to ask us question right in their project file. The unique ability for a client to choose materials via an online selection option has served our out of town clients very well.

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