5 Factors In Determining Your Builder

5 Factors In Determining Your Builder

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Home buyers aren’t looking for someone to throw up a house a quick as possible. This is one of the largest financial investment people make and many buyers have specific budgets when choosing a home. Trust, experience and above all else; communication are extremely important to new home buyers. As for the house it self? That’s pretty important too.

Intentional Communication Skills/Follow Through
Buying and/or building a new home is a stressful for first time buyers who are new to the process. We know this, so we strive to provide excellent customer service through every step.

We know how important it is to keep you informed and have embraced the latest innovation to keep you aware of how your project is moving along. We can even give you realtime updates through our builder portal.

Quality Construction, Built to Last
The primary detail? A quality home that lasts for years. We use high quality materials in our builds intentionally, we want to attract more buyers. Using durable materials and proven building practices ensures that we won’t experience complaints from buyers in the future.

Experience in Quality Home Building
We’ve built over 150 homes in the last 6 years and to a standard that most builders can’t rival. Our standard features; things like fully tiled bathrooms and showers, trey ceilings, finished garages (including an epoxy floor) and stainless steel appliances alongside a dandy wine fridge are how we chose to build our reputation.

Transparency in Costs
The construction industry has earned an unfortunate reputation for not alway being transparent. We aim to keep our buyers happy by keeping our pricing easy to understand. The bottom line is, we know that buyers put their trust in us when building a home. We work hard to keep it.

Stand Behind Your Work
Buyers need to know they can trust the craftsmanship of their builder. But also need to be comforted in knowing that if anything go wrong – there’s a way to fix the damage. We stand behind our work and provide the certainty that if it’s not right – we won’t leave it that way!