4 Tips To Making the Move Easier

4 Tips To Making the Move Easier

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The key to a successful and less stressful move is organization. The more you plan and get a head start, the better it will be. If you plan to use professional movers, check around with a few different companies, read their reviews and ask friends and family before choosing one. 

If you are making the move yourself – here are some tips to making it easier.

If you are moving valuable or fragile pieces, know their value and consider insurance. Make sure you’ve wrapped, protected and boxed items well, making sure you label them really well.

If going with a professional; ask about their breakage policy. Standard insurance normally only allows a percentage of the value. Even though full value protection costs more, it will be worth it. Also, make sure and let the mover’s know if you have any special requirements. Piano’s are a good example of something you should let them know you have. 

Reputable moving companies are willing to give a more accurate and detailed estimate.  Some charge by the total weight after you are loaded. There’s usually additional charges for packing, insurance etc. When the cost is higher than the estimate, you will be billed accordingly.

Start packing room by room at least three to four weeks ahead of your move date. If you need boxes, visit local stores and ask for their empties. You will save money and most businesses are happy to avoid having to dispose of them. Package stores are a great place to get boxes.

Start with the items you don’t use often; seasonal knickknacks, books, out of season clothing, etc. Always pack heavier items in smaller boxes or containers.

tip: your boxes should not bulge on the sides or cave in at the top when closed. If possible, pack computers, TVs and other electronic equipment in their original packaging (you can keep those boxes in your garage attic space). If you didn’t save those boxes, wrap everything in plastic and use good sturdy boxes, add padding and write ‘fragile’ clearly on the sides. Stay mindful of items can be damaged by heat. Keep valuable items and legal or important documents with you and if you box them up – don’t label the box with what’s in there. 

Have Your Floor Plan Handy
This is a great idea when friends and family are helping you with the move. Another tip is to color code or use labels to say which rooms the boxers need to go in.

tip: move the biggest and heaviest items in to place as soon as you can, that way you can stage each room and unpack easily.

Don’t take old, unused items with you. Give them to goodwill, or have a moving sale. This is the perfect time to get organized from the beginning and your transition will go smoother. There’s not reason to use storage space in your new home for things you just don’t use or need anymore. 

Take Time To Plan
When you are moving yourself, plan carefully. Where it will go in the new home, how long you have to do the move, and how much help you will have before you load your truck.

Ask family and friends to help with the move. Make sure you talk to them about the items that need special care. If you have the budget consider using a load/unload service. They are trained to load and unload your truck and usually charge by the hour, the number of people needed and the size of your truck.

tip: It takes time to settle in your new home, so pack a few things like you’re going away for a long weekend. Hang on to any necessary items and your most common cooking utensils. That way, you when get moved in you’re not trying to locate kitchen items or ways to make food.

You’ll be far more comfortable taking your time to unpack and being able to put things away as you open each box.